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Stay up to date on AEBA meetings.


Meetings will be every 4th Tuesday of the month.

2/27 @ 5pm 

3/26 @12pm

4/23 @ 5pm

5/28 @ 12pm

6/25 @ 5pm

7/23 @ 12pm

8/27 @ 5pm

9/24 @ 12pm

10/22 @ 5pm

11/19 @ 12pm (earlier due to Thanksgiving)

December - off

See a list of all AEBA members here

Reach out to us with any questions, comments, concerns you may have.

About AEBA

The Avondale Estates Business Association is a membership non-profit organization representing businesses, non-profits, and private individuals who share an interest in promoting and doing business in the City of Avondale Estates. Our primary goals are to serve as advocates for the business interests of the city and to promote the city of Avondale Estates.

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